Itanos Hotel is located in Sitia, a small town at the eastern part of Crete, on the central sea front square and only 200mtrs from the long, sandy, blue flag beach.

Itanos Hotel


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Information about Sitia

Itanos Hotel - Sitia Eastern Crete

Approach: Sitia is located on the north coast in the bay of Sitia, in EASTERN CRETE and connected to Athens with Olympic Airways three times a week with straight flight to sitia airport. (The last is under consruction. After 2010 it is expected to accect charter fights from Europe.

History: Sitia is a meeting point for different people all over the world and for very ancient civilizations. Its geographical position - being the farther east port of Crete - its natural characteristics and its historical course makes Sitia an extraordinary good combination of differences well combined together.

Here lies the ancient "Gate of the East Europe" can be heard by its name for the first time in this town. The acquaintance with Sitia doesn't only mean the feeling of warm and bright sun, the crystal sea, the virgin land, the winds which refresh summer seasons. To come to know this magic corner of Crete is at the same time a charming journey to the ancient sources of European Civilization and an initiation to the live tradition of today, a tradition which has been created by the combination of nice landscapes, long history and the hospitable soul of Sitia and its people. All above are existing in full harmony and can give a dynamic environment to your unforgetable holidays.


For the visitors who will choose to visit or stay in Sitia, there is a variety of culture and folklore treasures that one must definitely "conquer" before living Sitia:

Visit the Archeological and the Culture Museum with worthwhile exhibits.

Sitia Tourist GuideEnjoy the bay of Sitia from the Venetian Castle of Kazarma, especially during the summer nights. The well designed area is suitably decorated for festivities such as the "Kornaria", a feast to honor Vintsetzos Kornaros.

Visit archeological sites spread all over the region of Sitia.

Taste the fresh fruits and products of the Sitian land.

Enjoy the marvelous taste of the traditional sweets like the famous "kalitsounia" (small sweet pies filled with local cheese) and the "xerotigana" (fried pastry with honey).

Participate in nature activities to explore the picturesque scenery and the amazing unspoiled landscape of eastern Crete.

Come to know Sitia region by participating in festivals, trying cretan dishes, celebrating with locals, dancing cretan dances, which can give you the opportunity to come closer to the simplicity and the kindness of the people of this southeast European city. Discover the real crete and get to know new friends here.



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