Swim in the sea of Sitia’s active sandy beach, visit a quiet fresh water spring next to the sea cove of "Platani" or enjoy your private pool and garden. Celebrate with your friends or your family and cook delicious dishes on the barbecue.

In the wintertime, escape here to relax in the heated traditional apartments which combine stone and wood designs. Light the fire, or hike in the hills. Taste the delicious Cretan cuisine, and enjoy the winter local night life of the many cafes and bars in town.

As you can see, any time of the year our Villas have something different to offer, relaxing in the pool at summer, enjoy a hot coffee in front of the fireplace the winter, discover the incredible colors of nature during spring or autumn. But in case you want to add more, in your holiday experience, Villas Crete - Sitia Villas Delight in cooperation with Itanos tours can provide you a large number of activities in Crete.

Some of these include...

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